Our Programs

WAVES isn't "just a ride" to a hospital.  We have several programs that are part of this organization.

This program is our primary program - the reason we exist.  It includes our vehicles, our providers, and scheduling the staffing for our non-stop ambulance response and transport services.  We have four complete ambulances, ranging in age from 10 years old to 3 years old.  We staff two rigs from 6AM through 10PM, and one rig from 10PM until 6AM, every day of the week.  

Darryl Mawson is our Director of Operations, overseeing our staff with the help of. Ryan Ammann and Eric Kehoe, our two supervisors.

Training  &  Education

WAVES also provides training for the community.

If you, your office, or your organization are in need of training, we are able to provide it for the following courses:


First Aid



Contact us to schedule a course with one of our instructors.

EMS Students

Each year there are multiple courses for EMTs and Paramedics.  These courses require the students to complete ride time and patient care as part of their program.  WAVES participates in the regional training services, assisting in teaching new EMT's and Paramedics the skills they will need and use in their new positions.  WAVES averages           of hours each year helping to prepare people to enter into the world of EMS.

Special Operations

This program covers several not-so-ordinary endeavors.  Some of our personnel have specialized training that allows us to assist other agencies with their programs.  We have a number of staff who have completed snowmobile training so they can accompany the Camillus Police Department on their snowmobile operations.  A number of our Paramedics are also flight paramedics, and can assist the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department if requested to fly on OCSO Air 1.  Camillus Police also have the ATV "Rhinos" during the warmer months, and we have also had our providers ride with them in case of medical emergencies.


Emergency Medicine Physicians

Pardon the dust - we're still under construction!


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